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 Whilst Lay betting can produce more consistent profits than Backing it does have  one inherent feature which often deters people - the risk factor. 

 When you back a horse you risk the stake but when you lay, the stake you risk is a multiple of the price taken.   For example, if you BACK a horse at 4/1 and stake £ 10, you will lose £ 10 if the horse doesn't win. If you LAY the horse at 4/1 for £10 then if the horse loses you will win £ 10, but if it WINS the race the loss will be £ 40.

 This risk factor is offset by the fact that only one out of every three (34%) of favourites actually WIN and the risk is higher with horses priced higher than the favourite. For example, only one in 7 ( 14%) 2nd favourites with odds of 3/1 and  above WIN their race. 

 Conversely, with Prize Lay selections you can expect 85 out of every 100 bets will  be winning bets ( from table of statistics on Home Page).

 The secret of lay betting is to minimise losses.

Now, in conjunction with Grey Horse Bot and the latest version of their software , we have devised a bot specifically for Prize Lay selections which has the potential to reduce losses when a horse WINS its race.

With the new software it is possible to create two bots: one to Back the selection before the race if it meets specific criteria. The second bot will place a LAY bet before the race if the price of  the horse drifts to match the odds a point where there is a likelihood that the horse might Lose the software will automatically place a Lay bet which will REDUCE the loss.
The new bot was only introduced on 15th November 2009 but it has already produced a significant reduction in losses and increased profitability.
The subscription to GHB now includes the settings for both the Prize Lay and Back bot options. These settings enable the user to log on to the GHB website and automatically download the daily Prize Lay selections direct to the bots on their computers without having to load the selections manually. 

If you are interested please click on the URL below or copy and paste it into your Internet browser.

         The Prize Lay Liability System

Please note this is a system completely different from Prize Lay. Since October 2009 we have been monitoring a new system which again uses the statistics of horse racing, similar to Prize Lay but with additional filters. However, this is based on LIABILITY betting, where you place a bet with the total amount you are prepared to LOSE. This enables the system to include higher priced horses which are more likely to lose. In the 10 months to July 2010 there have been  7 profitable months.

In October 2010 we made changes to the filters which improved results further. In the six months  to March 2011 - 21.23 points profit ( after commission) and two losing months ( 0.21 and 0.30 points respectively)

To have the system properly evaluated we supplied all our clients with the selections FREE for 6 months from December till June 2010. 

Because of its,
                                    high strike rate - since the changes in October 2010 
                                    the strike rate has gone up to 93%
                                    low risk - 344 winning days from 508 - 68% ( from                                               October 2009 to March  2011
                                    prolific selections - average 8 to 10 a day
                                    long winning runs ( best to date is 63)
                                    short losing runs ( worst is 3 )                                                                                                                                
It's ideal for the punter who likes to be always winning ( don't we all !!!) 

In view of its popularity with clients we have added it as an additional system from July 2010. All clients using both systems get a discount.

The Liability system is best suited for running under a bot.  We had a great run in January/February 2011 with 113 winning selections out of 115 - that's a strike rate of 98.3%

               Affects of Weather on January 2010 Racing 

For the first time in many years racing was badly hit by the snow and ice in January with many meetings abandoned or cancelled. Subscribers to tipping services also lost out, in that for nearly two weeks they had paid for services they didn't get. Some services charge up to £ 100 a month so the loss can be considerable.

At Prize Lay we recognized this shortfall and as a gesture of goodwill to our clients we extended their subscription period by two weeks.  You will not find many other services that have a made a similar concession.

Whether it's stocks and shares, property speculation or betting in any form whatsoever there is no such thing as a " certainty". There are only two certain things - life and death.  In between there are lots of opportunities for making money but all involve some degree of risk at some stage.

With all speculations there are "ups" and "downs" . If you find a system with more "ups" than "down" then you will make profits. So, always play with money you can afford to lose, because you don't know when the "downs" come. With consistent systems the "ups" will always return.

Avoid "get rich quick" systems : the only people who make money out of those are the people who sell them.

To close here are two criteria of advice for betting,
1. BE PATIENT - remember, there's always another day,
2. DON'T CHASE YOUR LOSSES - remember, there's always another day.

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