​​​​    How  to  Make Profit  from Racing - A New Approach


​​                                       What Makes it so Successful ? 

 Statistically, of all the favourites in all the horse races in the U.K. and lreland only 34% of them  WIN their race.  Conversely, 66% of them LOSE and that's the fact developed by Prize Lay. By  adding filters the Prize Lay increases the likelihood of a favourite losing its race from 66% to over  91 %(average over 2015 ). By winning 91 out of every 100 bets opens the opportunity to make  profits. 

                                    Where did it Originate ? 

 The author was a member of the Racing Investors Club who organize a Tipster Competition for  members. The competition ran over a four month period and the aim was to make a profit each  month. All the daily selections had to be proofed to the organizers and the selections were made  available free to all members of the club. The successful tipster wins £ 1000. Over the three year  period of the competition it only produced two winners and the author was the second of these  with Prize Lay. 

                                              Extraordinary System Bonus​

 The performance of the Prize Lay system is continually monitored and results are analyzed to  improve its already  outstanding results.  In September 2009 there was an unusually bad run of results ( the first in 15 months). 

 This investigation highlighted that a high level of selections that WON their races were heavily supported in the  market and ended up as low priced favourites below the Racing Post tissue price.  This was in contrast to the Prize  Lay criteria which indicates horses least likely to win. We can only assume that in ,these cases, the connections

 have more confidence in the horse's prospects of winning than are indicated by the Prize Lay criteria or the initial  market expectations.

 From October 2009 any Prize Lay selections which became a low priced favourite in the market were BACKED to  win. The success of this change in strategy has been quite remarkable and added substantial additional profits to      the Prize Lay system. Below is a table of the results for selections which were BACKED to WIN

Back Bets

DateTotal BetsWinsLostProfitLoss Strike Rate
Oct 200920146£ 744.00

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