The Prize Lay Betting System
The How and Why of Prize Lay                          

              What Makes it so Successful ?

Statistically, of all the favourites in all the horse races in the U.K. and Ireland only 34% of them WIN. Conversely, 66% of them LOSE  and that's the fact developed by Prize Lay. By adding filters the Prize Lay increases the likelihood of a favourite losing its race from 66%  to 86 %- (average over the last two years).  By winning 86 out of every 100 bets opens the opportunity to make profits

                 Where did it Originate ?

The author was a member of the Racing Investors Club who organize a Tipster Competition for members. The competition runs over a four month period and the aim is to make a profit  each month. All the daily selections have to be proofed to the organizers and the selections are made available free to all members of the club. The successful tipster wins £ 1000. Over the three year period of the competition it has only produced two winners and the author was the second of these with Prize Lay. 

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