The Prize Lay Betting System
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The selections are available as an email service only. There is no enrollment fee. The service cost £ 87.50 for three months.

As many clients do not have the time during their working day to phone and then place and monitor their bets the service is unique in that selections are made available the evening before racing.

Each evening you will receive  an email with the following day's selections. This email is usually sent before 11.00 pm. The following morning, on race day a further email will be sent  if there are any changes. This is sent normally by 10.00 am.  In the last four months there have only been two occasions when this was necessary.

At the beginning of every month you receive a spreadsheet detailing the author's results for the previous month.

To enroll please complete your contact information below. All new members will be supplied with a spreadsheet of all selections and results placed by the author since June 2007.

             Footnote for the Too Busy

The selections are provided the evening before racing so bets can be placed then, or any time later.   For hassle free betting, Grey Horse Bots have compiled a set up routine for Prize Lay. This will automatically monitor markets and  place bets during the day within the programmed parameters. 

If this is of interest, click on the line below for more information,

   Grey Horse Bot

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